The North Karelia Chamber of commerce

We work towards a competitive county where companies succeed.

Part of a worldwide network

Chambers of commerce make up a global and widely accredited collaboration organization promoting business life. They are independent from any public funding. The first chamber of commerce was established in Marseilles in 1599 by enterprises, merchants and seafarers.

The purpose of a chamber of commerce is to promote business life. As an advocate for business life, a chamber of commerce has influence on legislation and decision making. It advances market economy and promotes collaboration between the business sector and various authorities. Committee work is at the heart of our advocacy activities. Committees are platforms and channels for our members’ expertise and views. Our activities also include training to update and verify professional skills, and we grant foreign trade documents.

The North Karelia Chamber of commerce

The North Karelia Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1954 and as the name suggests operates in the county of North Karelia in eastern Finland. It has about 550 member organizations which employ nearly 31 000 people and represent about 50 per cent of the business turnover in the county.

The North Karelia Chamber of Commerce works towards a nationally and internationally competitive business environment that nurtures growth and success for its members. We analyse development trends and changes that affect business life. Based on these analyses, we bring forth development ideas and proposals to ensure and safeguard the competitiveness and vitality of our region.

The strategic priorities of our advocacy activities are regional policy and business policy, and securing a skilled labour force, as well as matters related to traffic and communications. North Karelia must have an influential position in regional governance and it should consist of strong municipalities.

In particular, North Karelia needs:


  • growth-oriented entrepreneurship
  • internationally acclaimed, high-quality education and research
  • high-quality infrastructure
  • a competitive service sector
  • reorganization of municipal structures and activities